How to Write a Five Page Paper Fast

An essay can be a challenging assignment for many students. It requires a lot of effort, preparation, and research to finish. Sometimes, it might feel that you do not know where to start while the deadline is around the corner.

If you want to learn how to write a 5 page paper fast, this article is what you need. Here we’ve collected all the tips on how long to write essay and how to make the process shorter and more efficient. The secret is in smart preparation and time management. With these tips, you’ll be able to do an essay not only faster but also better!

How Long Does It Take to Write 5 Pages?

The exact time for an essay depends on many factors – subject, research process, organization, and your writing experience. For example, professional academic authors can do it quickly because they have a lot of experience. So how long does it take to write 5 pages on average? About 10-48 hours of work. But this guide will teach you how to write a five page paper in just 12 hours.

Let’s start with the number of words. If you do not know how many words is 5 pages double spaced paper exactly, the answer is 1,250. It is a standard volume for such an assignment. To nail it fast, you need to divide the time into three stages:

  • pre-writing (7 hours);

  • writing (3 hours);

  • post-writing (2 hours).

The preparation usually takes the longest because it includes coming up with the ideas, drafting an outline, and research. After all the information is gathered and you have an outline, it won’t take that much time to complete an essay. And the next stage is to rewrite, proofread, and format the paper according to academic requirements. Now, let’s get into details on how to write a 4 page essay or a 5 page paper in just 12 hours.

Pre-Writing Tips For 5 Page Paper

The first step is to revise the topic and brainstorm everything you know about it.


Brainstorming can take about 2 hours. Be sure to do it with tools to write everything important down. Do not think about how long to write one page or how difficult it can be. Concentrate solely on the topic. Think of what you know about it and why it is important to discuss it. Do you have any personal experience with it? What is the main issue of the topic? How can you approach the solution? What is going to be your perspective on the issue?


The next step is to draft an outline. Usually, it is a traditional plan containing an introduction, main body, and conclusion. But you can also divide it according to the number of words. You know how many pages should an essay be, so assign a certain volume to each part. 

A five pages double spaced word count is 1,250, so the majority of that will go to the main body. Introduction and conclusion usually take about 50-80 words. And if you want to figure out exactly how many paragraphs is 5 pages paper, think of 5-8 main body paragraphs and 2 paragraphs for introduction and conclusion.


This task can take up to 5 hours, which is completely normal as you need to cover a lot of information. Here are the best tips to approach it.

  • Start with what has been given in the course – revise the notes to lectures, check out the bibliography, and consult with an instructor.

  • Use only relevant sources – peer-reviewed journals and academic publications. You can use Google Scholar to eliminate all irrelevant information or check out open-source academic databases like CORE.

  • Keep the list of everything you read. Create a file with data on all sources, including the title, link, and date. It will be easier to reference everything. If you find a citation or paragraph that you’ll definitely use, highlight it in the file not to lose it.

  • Choose only the best sources. You probably won’t use them all, so select only the most relevant to your essay.

Five Page Paper Writing Tips

Now, it is time actually to write the paper. How long does it take to write a paper with such effective preparation? Well, it shouldn’t be much longer than 3 hours. You have all your sources ready and the outline to follow, so it is going to be easy.

  1. Start with a proper title and set the font, spacing, and other requirements beforehand.

  2. You can write your five page essay from any part. Of course, usually, students go in chronological order, from introduction to conclusion. But if you struggle with the beginning, you can start from the main body. It is usually the easiest part as you need to go along with your arguments. After that, it will be a breeze to craft the introduction.

  3. Remember that introduction and conclusion should not be the same.

  4. Cover only one argument in a paragraph, do not mix them, and follow the logical flow.

  5. Summarize everything with the conclusion, restate the thesis, and highlight results. You can also propose an action to be taken by readers or further research on the topic.

Post Writing Tips

After your 5 page paper is done, it is time to edit it.


Start with reading your paper out loud. This way, it’ll be easier to see any flaws. Rewrite the weak parts; change the order of the arguments if you are not happy with them (the strongest should go first). At this stage, focus on the logic, style, and overall flow of the paper.


It is time to concentrate on grammar and punctuation. You can use editors like Grammarly not to miss anything or ask for professional help. Check the names and dates and look for typos.


Check the size and style of the font, spacing, references, and, of course, citations (MLA, APA, or Chicago). Make sure that everything is according to requirements, especially the works cited. Get all the titles from your research file to save time. Now, you know how long to write essay productively.

So, how long does it take to write a 5 page essay? Use these tips, and it won’t take you longer than 12 hours!

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