That's how to make the school more painful

Sometimes school can feel like a ball and a chain around the ankle. Four years sitting in the same building and "learning" about the real world, but waiting to test it

The high school diploma is an important thing, but there is a much better way to conquer it than you think

Online training can get an unfair change. Your friends can talk about how this could damage your chances of getting to university, or you think it's going to be hard to get everything that's done without a teacher's instruction, but not all online schools are like

Some, such as Bleth Academy Online (BAO), actually increase your chances of getting into the university (example: more than 98% of Blyth Academy students are accepted at the university/college of their choice)

"I'm going to Macmaster now, and almost all of my courses have an online component."

And if you think the students are left to understand them with their own eyes, you'll think again. BAO students automatically gain access to the same teachers, guidance counsellors, and even additional training courses that make the brick Academy of brick-and-Mortar students

We got three students, each of whom received loans online to find out that it's possible that you have more freedom and time out of class. We also provide three free loans for the course of the Academy's Bluth Academy Online, so our participants can see the advantages for themselves.

Mali had moved schools in the 10th grade and realized that some of her old school loans were not in her school diploma

"I was very defeated when I learned that my loans would not be transferred," she said. "I did not want to take the 5th year or take additional courses during the year," she said. In order to get around her problem, Mali took a couple of online classes in the summer and traveled in her spare time

"Online training is what you want from him."

"I wanted the travelers ... and [ the enrollment in the BAO] to give me the opportunity to be productive and to get my loans," she said. She had never had to deal with her names during her visits, because everything she needed was given to the BAO (and it was worth nothing more than other online research platforms). Similarly, the examination was a branch because students can go to any of the physical campus Blyth instead of organizing (and paying) for the processor

First, Mali recommends that future online students be brought together early, and held together with him

" It was difficult for me first to go to school (to be in a class where you have to learn because you are there for 8 hours). In the middle of the course, I realized I'm not managing my time, so I'm going to change and work harder and more regularly. The online learning process is that you will make it. "

In general, learning online with the help of the Blyth Academy has enabled Mali to make up for its loans, travel to Canada and avoid this obsession of the victorious circle. She was admitted to the university of her dreams, and she used her online experience every day. "I'm going to Macmaster now, and almost all of my courses have an online component."

Robin Ketchun spent a high school playing in the provincial women's hockey league (PWHL), one of the highest levels of competitive women's hockey in the world. The achievement of this level requires enormous effort

"I was in the middle of a very important time in my hockey career ... and I was trying to recruit the teams and schools I wanted to go to," she said. That's when Robin decided to start school online to free up as much time as possible on hockey

"I found an online school much harder ... but much more than I expected."

"To be honest, I assumed that the online school would be an easy but dull one to get the necessary loans from the way," Robin said. -It didn' t like it at all. I found an online school far harder and harder than I expected, but much more than I expected. "

Between his flexible schedule and the time of his freedom to improve her game, Robin ended his work with Queen's Commerce (one of Canada's most competitive programs) and even received a scholarship to play hockey for the queen's female team. The Academy of Blymth gave it the necessary flexibility and opportunity to make it happen. Now she's using the discipline she designed to stay on top of all her classes, her hockey, and extra curriculy

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